Source code for opencv_wrapper.tracking

import cv2 as cv
import numpy as np

[docs]def dense_optical_flow( prev_frame: np.ndarray, next_frame: np.ndarray, pyr_scale: float = 0.5, levels: int = 3, winsize: int = 11, iterations: int = 1, poly_n: int = 4, poly_sigma: float = 1.1, gaussian_window: bool = True, initial_flow: np.ndarray = None, ) -> np.ndarray: """ Calculate the dense optical flow between two frames, using the Farneb├Ąck method. For further documentation on the parameters, see OpenCV documentation for cv2.calcOpticalFlowFarnaback. :param prev_frame: The initial frame :param next_frame: The frame after `prev_frame`, with displacement. :return: An image with the shape """ if prev_frame.shape != next_frame.shape: raise ValueError( f"prev_frame and next_frame must have same dimensions: {prev_frame.shape}, {next_frame.shape}" ) flags = 0 if initial_flow is not None: flags += cv.OPTFLOW_USE_INITIAL_FLOW if gaussian_window: flags += cv.OPTFLOW_FARNEBACK_GAUSSIAN return cv.calcOpticalFlowFarneback( prev_frame, next_frame, initial_flow, pyr_scale, levels, winsize, iterations, poly_n, poly_sigma, flags, )